As a reminder to our business clients, federal and state law requires that employers post notices informing employees of their rights in the workplace. Notices that are required are specific to the type of employer and the number of employees employed. Failure to post these notice can result in fines. Below are posters that most employers should have.

Federal Government Employment Posting Requirements

• Job Safety and Health Protection, OSHA information
• Fair Labor Standards Act Minimum Wage Poster
Pennsylvania Employment Posting Requirements

• Minimum Wage Law Poster and Fact Sheet • Abstract of Equal Pay Law • Unemployment Compensation Poster • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Posting
National Labor Relations Board
• Employee Rights Notice Poster
Copies of these and other posters are available through the links provided. The posters must be physically posted in areas where employees will be able to see the posters. The information also is sometimes required to be posted on the employer’s website.

The attorneys at Danziger Shapiro & Leavitt can assist you in with what specific notices are required. Please call us today to discuss these and other issues affecting your company.

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