Earlier this year (January 22) I blogged about workplace notices that are required by a business that maintains an office in Pennsylvania. Our New Jersey clients have spoken and I apologize. Set forth below is a list of the posting requirements for New Jersey businesses. These posters are in addition to the federal posting requirements and must be displayed in a conspicuous area. Hard copies are available through the New Jersey Department of Labor and printable copies may be found at

– Wage and Hour Law Abstract – Child Labor Laws – Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements Under State Wage, Benefit, and Tax Laws
– Payment of Wages
– Schedule of Minors’ Hours (if applicable)
– Family Leave Insurance
– Unemployment Insurance and Disability Insurance Laws
– Conscientious Employee Protection Act ( also known as the “Whistleblower” Act)

In addition, the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General requires that businesses that provide services to the public (i.e. doctor’s offices and movie theaters) post a Public Accommodation poster.

The OAG also requires employers to post a Notice regarding Discrimination in Employment and post the required Notice regarding the Family Leave Act. In addition, businesses associated with the sale, rental and or lease of real estate are required to post a Discrimination in Housing poster. These materials are available at

Please remember that these Notices are in addition to the federal notices discussed earlier.

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