Our Services

Serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Danziger Shapiro & Leavitt has brought together attorneys focused on reaching successful and creative results for our clients. Our practice is aimed at helping both individuals and businesses address their legal needs. If you are searching for a lawyer in any of the following areas, Danziger Shapiro & Leavitt is an aggressive firm that will work on your matter with diligence to provide the best legal representation possible.

  • General Commercial and Corporate Law This includes all of your business and transactional needs, such as business incorporations and the creation of other businesses entities (LLCs, Limited Partnerships, Trusts, and Partnerships), contracts, employment and staffing issues, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, litigation avoidance, and the selling or purchasing of your business assets.

  • Commercial Litigation Our attorneys have appeared in courtrooms representing businesses and individuals in both state and federal courts throughout the country. Locally we frequently appear before the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County, as well as both the federal Eastern District Court for the District of Pennsylvania and the Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Just a short drive across the river, our attorneys also frequently represent clients in the various New Jersey Courts located in southern New Jersey, and the federal court for the District of New Jersey.

  • Real Estate and Real Estate Litigation Whether you are buying, selling or leasing real estate, you need to protect your interests. Our lawyers know the ins and outs of real estate transactions from all sides based upon years of experience representing both the buyer and seller. In addition to providing transactional based advice, we represent numerous clients in court in connection with real estate litigation issues. We also assist clients in foreclosure proceedings and work with buyers who focus on the acquisition of properties through foreclosure proceedings and other real estate related litigation.

  • Employment Related Litigation As an employee, you may be protected by local, state, and federal laws against discrimination, including race discrimination, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, and national origin discrimination to name a few. Our lawyers understand the intricacies of these matters and make sure that you are compensated for your loss.

  • Securities Litigation Our lawyers participate in securities litigation throughout the country advocating the rights of shareholders who have lost money based in large part upon corporate mismanagement and corporate fraud. To date, our firm has participated in the recovery of millions of dollars for wronged shareholders.

  • Insurance Coverage Disputes If you have had an injury or a loss and your insurance company fails to adequately meet your needs, our firm is prepared to investigate your case and confront the insurance company head-on. We have been able to help multiple clients who have been wrongly denied coverage for business insurance or homeowner's insurance claims.

  • Debtor/Creditor Issues We represent clients on both sides of suits. If you are a creditor and are owed money and need legal counsel on how to bring an action against a debtor, to prosecute or defend a fraudulent transfer, to defend a preference action, or to seek relief from the automatic stay, our attorneys can assist you. If you are a debtor and cannot pay your debts, there are many options available to you; however, the various chapters of bankruptcy are complicated and you may benefit from an attorney who knows which chapter would work best for your situation.

  • Trusts, Estates, Wills, and Probate Our attorneys help clients to make sure that their affairs are in order and their last wishes are carried out without conflict. This includes meeting with our client and creating a plan that is tailored to their specific needs. Our attorneys frequently prepare a client's last will and testament, health care advanced directive (commonly called a living will), powers of attorney, and create various types of trusts to protect their assets and family members. When a loved one dies, we can help with the legal requirements of the probate process, to ensure it is completed quickly and with a minimum of taxes due.