Class Action

Class actions allow a few persons to sue a defendant on behalf of a larger group of persons who have suffered the same injury. They are most commonly filed in federal courts, but can also be brought in some state courts under the right circumstances. Television shows and movies have led many people to associate class actions with defective consumer products and unsafe medicines or medical devices but the category is, in fact, far broader.

Class actions can also be brought against insurance companies that misrepresent their policies, against employers who engage in discrimination or otherwise violate employee rights, against companies who misrepresent themselves to investors and against financial industry players who rig the system in favor of their own interests at the expense of their clients.

Such cases are often large in scope, lengthy and exceedingly complex. Pursuing them requires a special type of legal expertise. Though a small firm, Danziger, Shapiro & Leavitt has significant experience in the area of class actions. Our attorneys travel throughout the United States prosecuting and assisting in these cases, with a particular focus on cases related to the securities industry to corporate mergers.

Danziger, Shapiro & Leavitt is a Philadelphia-based class action law firm. Our attorneys have the experience and the tenacity to pursue these complex and far-reaching cases, while remaining accessible to our clients at all times. Contact our Philadelphia office to arrange a consultation and discuss whether a class action suit represents the best way to protect your rights and recover damages.

Class Action FAQ