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At Danziger Shapiro, P.C., we believe that small businesses and individuals should benefit from the same breadth of experience that traditionally has been reserved for large firms and their clients. As skilled professionals, we leverage our own business transactional and litigation experience to guide our clients toward successful results. Our Philadelphia business lawyers take a hands-on approach to helping our clients identify their goals and work diligently together to tackle individual and business challenges. We are skilled in the types of business law that are most important to small and growing companies, such as:

  • Business and Commercial Transactions
  • Business and Commercial Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Employment and Non-compete Agreements
  • Securities Litigation
  • White Collar and Qui Tam (Whistleblower)

Danziger Shapiro, P.C. provides all of the services of in-house counsel without the overhead expenses. Our goal is to help our clients flourish and prosper. We combine the depth of experience that you expect from a large firm with the personal attention of a boutique practice. Our clients include local and national businesses, Fortune 500 companies, real estate developers, non-profit corporations, and individuals. We are especially proud that our peers, other lawyers and law firms, have frequently selected us to represent them in business litigation. Our large firm and in-house experience, coupled with a competitive rate structure, allows us to work strategically with other law firms to provide efficient legal services to our shared clients.

Business Law

Our Philadelphia business attorneys represent small businesses and individuals starting new businesses. Whenever you enter into a business transaction, you want to feel assured that the decisions that you make will lead to success and a positive impact on the bottom line. Likewise, if you are merging or expanding your business, you will want the assurance that the choices that you are making are going to lead to your company’s success and positively affect your bottom line. Numerous federal, state, and local laws govern different aspects of businesses, and a holistic approach to selecting the appropriate business structure and core agreements from the outset can affect issues related to profitability, liability and taxation, so it is best to make a choice with the counsel of an experienced attorney.

Business Litigation

Documents are drafted in order to generate professional understandings that forestall a trip to court. Unfortunately, there are times when a lawsuit is unavoidable, and what begins as an isolated decision may multiply and transform into numerous disputes that can have a detrimental impact on a business and turn into expensive litigation. Most business lawsuits arise out of unmet expectations, whether those are from a broken contract, a business partner not living up to their obligations, or fraudulent promises. A plaintiff pursuing damages for a breach of a contract must establish a valid, enforceable contract, a breach of a duty imposed by the contract, and the harm caused by the breach. Partnership breakup and fraud cases can be even more complex, and these disputes require an attorney experienced not only in guiding you through the legal process, but also the real world effects of litigation on your business. Far too often we see businesses win their cases in court, but fail to survive in the outside competitive business marketplace. The business attorneys at our Philadelphia firm can help pursue or defend against these cases, without forgetting that the success of your business is always the ultimate goal.

Business Transactions

Careful attention to the legal implications of steps taken in various business transactions can make or save a business money in the long term. We always stay abreast of legal developments across many industries that may influence your business decisions when entering into a transaction. From our experience working in big firms and serving as in-house counsel, we understand the type of straight forward advice businesses need to make decisions on a daily basis without getting bogged down in excessive analysis. Because we also go to court, we understand exactly what issues matter in your contracts, and what will never be relevant in the real world. Too many times we see lawyers wasting time, and their client’s money, arguing over scenarios that will never happen, or contract clauses that a judge will never enforce. By taking the time to understand our client’s businesses, our Philadelphia business lawyers can work with you to negotiate agreements that allow you to be successful, without getting in the way of your growth.

Real Estate

Real estate law covers both commercial and residential real estate matters. It may concern investment and development issues, landlord-tenant relationships, , and issues related to property use, zoning and environmental impact. Miscalculating a residential or commercial real estate venture can result in expensive litigation and huge risks. Standard form real estate contracts can speed the process along, but they contain many pitfalls for the unaware. Mortgage and inspection contingency clauses, along with deposit money issues, all lead to more than their fair share of disputes. The standard form agreement used by Realtors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are helpful when everything goes right, but they’ve proven to be lacking when issues arise. It is crucial to find a skilled real estate attorney who can mark up these forms to minimize your risks and costs.

Residential Real Estate

For many people, a home is the most expensive purchase or sale that they will ever make. Disputes may arise in connection with a purchase and sale agreement for residential real estate, making it important to work with an attorney who can explain standard terms and negotiate terms such as financial contingencies, earnest money, closing conditions, whether fixtures or personal property will stay on the property, and other matters. Sellers and buyers need to comply with various legal requirements. For example, sellers must advise potential buyers about any known material defects that are not readily observed, including structural problems and past issues. Determining what needs to be disclosed, and how much information qualifies as disclosure, isn’t always clear. Our real estate attorneys are experienced at guiding you through these important issues.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions can be complex, and when they fall apart, judges place extra burdens of care on these presumably knowledgeable parties. We have worked with all sides in commercial real estate transactions and litigation including developers, sellers, investors, purchasers, end users and lenders, as well as landlords and lessees. Our attorneys are also actively involved in the industry, sitting on community advisory boards and as investors themselves. That depth of experience allows us to give our clients practical advice from personal experience.

Employment and Non-Compete Agreements

As a business grows, an employer will need to hire employees or contract with freelancers or independent contractors to fulfill certain roles related to human resources, finance, marketing, and operations. The business lawyers at our Philadelphia firm can advise you on how to handle these relationships, whether you are the business owner or a highly compensated employee. Hiring employees requires compliance with numerous, complicated federal and state laws. Unfortunately, it is easy to overlook an important employment document or aspect of law, leading to unwitting violations of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or federal employment laws. The result can be stressful and damaging litigation. Documents that must remain in compliance with federal and state laws include employment contracts, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, independent contractor agreements, releases of claims, and non-disclosure agreements.

Retain Our Philadelphia Attorneys to Handle a Complex Dispute or Transaction

When you are trying to protect your business or your property interests, you should consult the experienced attorneys at Danziger Shapiro, P.C. We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Camden, Cumberland, Atlantic, Burlington, and Gloucester Counties. We look forward to getting to know you through an initial consultation and discussing how, together, we can grow your business while addressing your present and future legal needs. Call us at (215) 545-4830 or contact us through our online form to set up an appointment if you need a business attorney in the Philadelphia area or assistance with a real estate or litigation matter.

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Adam has been my corporate attorney for over 10 years. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He efficiently moves through the judicial system and always keeps the best interest of his client in the foreground. Janet
We hired Adam to represent us for a patent dispute. He was excellent from the very beginning. He was thorough, detailed, honest, forthright, succinct, and available to us for questions at all times. Needless to say he achieved the best outcome we could have hoped for, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I only wish I could have given him a check mark on all of the attributes listed on LinkedIn, but it would only allow 3. Matt
I just recently sold my company and the firm of Danziger Shapiro held up the legal end of the transaction. Adam Shapiro left no rock unturned to protect my interests. The closing did not proceed as smoothly as we had hoped, but Adam was supportive through the entire process. They have been my legal advisors for my company for many years and I have the utmost faith in them. They always keep the clients best interest at heart. J.H.
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