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Real Estate LawReal Estate is a broad field encompassing everything from commercial and non-profit development to bankruptcy and foreclosure, often involving complex questions of tax law, government regulation and environmental impact. It is an area in which the national economic crisis has created significant problems and litigation issues, while also opening up new opportunities for some savvy investors. A miscalculation in a residential or commercial real estate venture could quickly escalate into costly court room expenses, potentially putting your real estate efforts at risk. Finding a highly skilled real estate attorney to avoid this scenario is probably the best investment you could make.

Danziger Shapiro and Leavitt, P.C. attorneys have years of experience in the field of real estate law. We know what clients need to focus on. Whether the goal is closing a deal quickly and on advantageous terms, launching or defending litigation or dealing with tax authorities, our attorneys are skilled at getting to the heart of the matter.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Lawyers Working for You

Understanding that real estate is a field in which quick action is often essential we concentrate, first and foremost, on our clients' critical needs. We are adept at identifying extraneous issues and avoiding distractions, always with an eye toward delivering faster and more efficient results for clients at a reasonable cost. We are also experienced guides to the permitting process and can offer expert advice on obtaining both government-assisted and commercial financing.

Danziger Shapiro & Leavitt, P.C. represents developers, private investors, landlords, commercial tenants, and individual homeowners in a wide variety of commercial and residential real estate transactions and disputes.  As a boutique law firm we concentrate on a select few practice areas, therefore you are provided direct access to our highly skilled real estate attorneys and their services.  We take the time and effort to understand your real estate plans and tailor a strategy based on your particular situation.  Our client-centric approach is integrated into all areas of real estate including:

  • Residential Real Estate Transactions
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Eviction Proceedings
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Financing
  • Litigation

Danziger Shapiro & Leavitt, P.C. is a Philadelphia-based real estate law firm. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They can assist you with all forms of Pennsylvania and New Jersey real estate law and real estate litigation in a knowledgeable, personalized and cost-effective manner. Take the first step toward resolving your real estate issues by contacting our Philadelphia office to arrange a consultation.

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Client Reviews
Adam has been my corporate attorney for over 10 years. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He efficiently moves through the judicial system and always keeps the best interest of his client in the foreground. Janet
We hired Adam to represent us for a patent dispute. He was excellent from the very beginning. He was thorough, detailed, honest, forthright, succinct, and available to us for questions at all times. Needless to say he achieved the best outcome we could have hoped for, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I only wish I could have given him a check mark on all of the attributes listed on LinkedIn, but it would only allow 3. Matt
All of us at Be a Part of the Conversation are indebted to Doug Leavitt and the staff at Danziger Shapiro & Leavitt for their guidance in helping us to establish and grow our nonprofit organization. Doug has been an invaluable resource, providing insight and understanding from the very beginning. In addition to answering our endless questions, he is also incredibly proactive – tirelessly working to ensure that our organization is moving forward in the best light possible. I honestly do not know where we would be today without the support and generosity of Doug and the team at Danziger Shapiro & Leavitt. Kim
We retained Doug to help us in a business dispute regarding several investments we had in restaurants and real estate in Cape May. Doug proved to be skilled in both litigation and negotiation, as well as reducing the settlement to writing, which required a thoughtful approach and high attention to detail to protect out interests because we had to do take back financing. The security agreements had to be carefully written so we could take back the restaurant and IP if the need arose- which it did! Thankfully everything was in place and Doug was able to get everything back and we came out unharmed. It is clear to us that Doug truly cares about his clients. Unless something like this happens to you, you wouldn't know how important it is to have the right attorney. We do. Brian
I am an officer in a Civil Engineering firm in New Jersey with over 45 employees and have retained many attorneys in the past. However, Doug Leavitt has helped my firm in reviewing and developing new corporate documents and professional agreements. Doug is an excellent attorney who is very personable and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Paul