Business & Commercial Transactions

When entering into any business transaction as a business owner you want the assurance that the choices you are making are going to lead to your company’s success and positively impact your bottom line. When expanding or dissolving an existing business venture you want to make sure that your actions are not met with potential tax and liability issues. Whether you’re facing significant changes to your organization or just the daily issues that arise in running your business, you want a lawyer who understands the challenges that business owners face and knows how to work as a team member with you and your staff to achieve optimal results.

At Danziger Shapiro, P.C. our legal and business experience offers you the combined knowledge of a business professional with the know-how of corporate counsel. Our attorneys work closely with you and your team to develop the right legal strategy, so that you can feel confident in the business decisions you make. We take the time to familiarize ourselves with every aspect of your business and your business plan. We make an extra effort to stay abreast of all the legal developments in your industry that could influence your decisions. We take this information and earnestly guide you to your desired outcome. We provide all the benefits of in-house counsel without the overhead, and without getting in the way of you running your business.Our firm was created with the goal of giving smaller companies and individuals access to the kind of legal expertise that only their larger competitors can usually afford. Our attorneys have extensive experience both working in big firms and serving as in-house counsel. This gives us a depth of perspective few other boutique law firms can match. The result is personalized legal service combined with 'big firm' expertise and a focus on identifying and addressing potential problems before they develop.

Building Unique Personal & Business Relationships With Clients

Because of our unique approach, we have cultivated a diverse client base comprised of local and national businesses, Fortune 500 companies, real estate developers, non-profit corporations and individuals. We take special pride in the fact that our peers have such confidence in our abilities that we are regularly called upon by other attorneys to handle their personal legal issues.

Many of our established clients began with us as individual start-ups, and we have experience guiding business owners through all aspects of starting and running a company including:

  • Buying & Selling of Business Assets plus Other Business Succession Documents
  • Creation & Dissolution of Business Entities
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Employment Contracts & Negotiations
  • (i.e. Non-compete Non-Disclosure & Independent Contractor Agreements)
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Financing documents, including Guarantees, Promissory Notes & Security Agreements
  • Incorporation, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Shareholder & LLC Operating Agreements
  • Indemnification Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Legal Audits
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Litigation
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Releases
  • Requirements Contracts & Other Supply Agreements
  • Review, Revision, & Negotiation of Third Party Contracts

It is everything on the legal side of the business world; and it is the area where Danziger Shapiro, P.C. offers small companies, as well as individuals, a competitive advantage.

Danziger Shapiro, P.C. is a Philadelphia-based business law firm. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. We pride ourselves on building unique personal and business relationships with every client and look forward to discussing your needs in an individual consultation. Contact our Philadelphia office to arrange a consultation and begin the process.

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Client Reviews
Adam has been my corporate attorney for over 10 years. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He efficiently moves through the judicial system and always keeps the best interest of his client in the foreground. Janet
We hired Adam to represent us for a patent dispute. He was excellent from the very beginning. He was thorough, detailed, honest, forthright, succinct, and available to us for questions at all times. Needless to say he achieved the best outcome we could have hoped for, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I only wish I could have given him a check mark on all of the attributes listed on LinkedIn, but it would only allow 3. Matt
I just recently sold my company and the firm of Danziger Shapiro held up the legal end of the transaction. Adam Shapiro left no rock unturned to protect my interests. The closing did not proceed as smoothly as we had hoped, but Adam was supportive through the entire process. They have been my legal advisors for my company for many years and I have the utmost faith in them. They always keep the clients best interest at heart. J.H.