New I-9 Form – Employment Eligibility Verification

I-9 Form

Employment Eligibility Verification Form

The I-9 form is used by employers to verify both the identity and eligibility of individuals for employment in the United States.  The new form goes into effect on September 18, 2017.  You can download a copy of the new I-9 form by clicking here.   From now through September 17, 2017, both the new form and the prior version are acceptable.  After September 18, 2017, only the new form is acceptable.

Whats New in the I-9?

The new I-9 is virtually identical to the November 2016 version.  The new form requires that it be completed on the “first day of employment.”  The current form states that it must be completed by the “end of the first day of employment”   While this may seem insignificant it most likely was changed in response to questions arising when an employee’s first day covers two days (night shift). With the new change, there is no longer any question on when this form must be filed.  Another change was updating the form to reflect the change of the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices to its new name: Immigrant and Employee Rights Section.

Where to File the I-9

Please remember that employers do not file the I-9.  For a quick refresher on an employer’s responsibilities, sanctions for noncompliance and discrimination pitfalls, please click here for my January 2017 post.

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